Tom Hughes has been a banker, an accountant, and a business manager for performing artists on tour. At one time he ran the back office operations of a small record label. And for awhile, he filled in as a part-time CFO for small businesses that needed financial talent. Until 2000, he seemed to have it all.


Then, after multiple convictions for stealing money from clients who liked and trusted him, he was none of those things. After his charges and prison sentences and financial ruin, Tom was just a disgraced ex-accountant who started over from less than zero.

But he’s a disgraced ex-accountant with a story to tell. Tom knows about the thin lines and grey areas that confront us in business and in life. He knows what happens when we give in to temptation. And he’d like to share a little about what happens when we act honorably… and what happens when we don’t.

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